How to create profitable business habits using a 4-step time management process that will lead to a more productive business. Why is time management so important? The top two struggles for new biz owners is time and overwhelm. To overcome those struggles and build a profitable business that grows, you need to have in-built mechanisms […]

Create profitable business habits with effective time management

The legal industry has changed. The days of being thought of as stuffy, old school and traditional are gone. We have moved into a new phase. We are dynamic, we embrace change, we are tech-savvy, and we move into this new phase with fresh eyes. There are also new methods to market a law firm. […]

Where next generation clients look for a lawyer

How do I start a business online? That is the big question many aspiring and new business owners ponder as they dream about creating a new life on their own terms and escaping the corporate 9 to 5. It’s a question I certainly asked myself when I first started. As business owners, we are causing […]

How to start a business online – and set it up for success

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” That’s what I was going to say! When many of us biz owners think ‘content’ we die a little inside. We immediately […]

Content marketing: How to create fresh, consistent content + build a loyal tribe

Once you start to repurpose content, the content creation process becomes so much easier! Repurposing content will save you time by streamlining how you share and promote your old content, to your existing audience as well as new audiences. As an early stage business owner, you understand the power of content to growing your business, […]

How to repurpose content like a MOFO

It’s that time again! Time to spring clean your hustle for the year ahead. Preparing your business for a new year with a fresh, revitalised, clean business that has structure, clarity and vision. What an amazing start to a year! And, it gets the creative and productive juices flowing – no blockers, negativity, or barriers. […]

11 ways to spring clean your hustle

How I would start my business if I had a do over… 2019 is almost over so it’s a good time to look back at the past year, review your goals, see whether you are on track and then look to the future. It’s time to get clear on your vision and goals for the […]

How I would start my business again – lessons a year in

You always hear that email list growth is essential for every small business. But why, email is so old school?, I hear you ask. I am going to tell you why email lists are a game changer in your business, and why you should have a solid email marketing strategy from day 1. Right here, […]

How to grow your email list as a beginner

Let’s talk about the ‘IT’ topic of today. Video marketing. It is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to build your personal brand, form connections with your target audience, and create a strong brand presence online. Listen up, small business owners – video content marketing is essential to your business so if you […]

How to step into the spotlight and use video to catapult your brand

Social media is important for the growth of any business, including law firms. Unfortunately, the legal industry has a reputation for being stuck in old school days – resistant to change, maintaining a traditional outlook, and a stubborn refusal to embrace technology and digital marketing. Is that a fair assessment? Let’s see. Funky, gritty, new […]

The future of social media in law firms – a commentary

A mini guide for early stage business owners wanting to set up and streamline their social channels. I have spoken to many early stage business owners who don’t believe in the power of social media and have said to me that their clients are not on social media and that it’s not the right place […]

How to find your ideal clients on social media

The word ‘strategy’ is frequently bounced around in marketing talk.  It can seem ambiguous and scary, dredging up visions of being locked in a room with your colleagues and a whiteboard for hours on end. But, it’s simpler than you may think — and critical to define before you start posting, hashtagging and tweeting.  As […]

How to tackle the scary ‘S’ word: Strategy


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