Girl Friday IP’s website and Instagram page reads more like an of-the-moment lifestyle brand than an intellectual property law firm. With its cute colour-coordinated Instagram photos to trendy pink website, patent and trademark law has never looked so fun. Fi Nguyen is the Founder and Principal of Girl Friday IP. Realising that intellectual property was […]

5 minutes with… Fi Nguyen of Girl Friday IP

Every lawyer approaches marketing differently. Whether you’re an Instagram marketing pro, all about SEO or just have no idea where to start, different strategies work for different firms. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce LegalStudio’s new Q&A interview series with some of the best lawyers and marketing gurus in Australia and beyond. […]

5 minutes with… Alexandra Doig of Atticus Lawyers

Here is a guide that will help rock your Instagram game. Instagram has amazing potential to grow your brand and reputation, and it’s so much fun once you’re in the flow, so we want you to enjoy playing with it. Australians are an incredibly active (addicted?) bunch on social media, with around 9 million monthly active […]

The how-to guide: An Instagram guide to get you started

Social media is powerful, and it’s essential to the growth of any business, small and large. Through the power of social media, as a business owner, you have the opportunity to build brand awareness, grow your brand, and attract and connect with your target audience – for free! It’s a no-brainer and should be part […]

Getting schooled on social media: learning the rules and knowing when to break them

Deciding whether to DIY marketing or bring in an expert. This is a question a lot of business owners ask themselves. And, it comes down to cost, efficiency and time. What can I do myself and what should I ask the experts to do. Making the decision to start a side hustle or launch a […]

DIY your marketing or bring in the experts?

How to grow your business online and catapult your visibility online with proven marketing strategies. Marketing is similar to how we feel when going to the gym… We want the results, and we want it fast, but it’s all too easy to let it slide. You miss a day, a week, and then before you […]

Kick start your marketing with these proven strategies


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How to Start an Online Business

The secret to a profitable business is strong foundations. Download this biz changing guide (plus bonus) that shows you the elements to build an unstoppable business.

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Social Media Startup Guide

Be intentional, be seen, elevate, and learn how to stand out with this guide, and be on your way to building a thriving business on social media.